Kids Basix Safe Sippy

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Manufacturer: Kids Basix
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In stock $13.99

Every detail of this BPA-free sippy cup is carefully designed. First, the spout and all the plastics parts are made out of Polypropylene, #5 plastic and certified free of Bisphenol A, phthalates and DEHA. Extensive independent laboratory testing is done to make sure they are free of these chemicals.

The Safe Sippy body is made of durable and lightweight medical grade stainless steel, the 11 oz. Safe Sippy bottle is non-leaching and toxin free. No endocrine disruptors or estrogen simulators. No Bisphenol A. No chemicals suspected of contributing to early this or latent that. Unlike plastic sippies, it is okay to put The Safe Sippy in the dishwater. You can also leave water in your cup overnight, in a hot car or in the sun at the park without having worrying about leaching chemicals.

The handles help little hands hang onto the cup. Once your child is big enough to grip the bottle using the tapered waiste, the handles are removable.

The rubbery sleeve surrounding the cup is made of thermo plasticized rubber, or TPR. The TPR material provides insulation when you put cold liquids into the cup on hot summer days. It also makes it easier for your child to grip the cup. And when your child drops his or her Safe Sippy cup, the sleeve acts as a cushion to protect the stainless steel.


Looking for a stainless steel cup without any plastic!

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