Organic Caboose OnGuard Nursing Pads

Manufacturer: Organic Caboose
Condition: New
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Organic nursing pads. Pamper your breasts; they are providing the life source for your precious baby. Good air flow to the breasts and keeping them warm promotes good circulation and ensures better milk production. Increased risk of breast infection comes from using products that do not allow air circulation. The OnGuard nursing pads are designed for breast's warmth and comfort to prevent clogged ducts and infections, as well as good absorbency.

  • 5" Round for cup sizes A, B, C
  • 7" Round for cup sizes D+.
  • Designed larger to help minimize "ring around the bra".
  • One pair per package.
  • 100% Organic
  • Made In the USA

Wool or Cotton?

OnGuard Organic Merino Wool nursing pads are soft and absorbent. Wool naturally absorbs 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. It keeps you warm when it's cool & cool when it's warm. Organic Nursing Pads help provide comfort, warmth, and leakage protection.

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