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We believe you are what you eat and drink. The Berkey water filters are a portable water purfication system that is simple to use, easy to maintain and very economical. Inside the 304 food grade stainless steel container are 2 black carbon filters that meet the high water purifier standard, removing 99.9999999% pathogenic bacteria. This gravity filter does not require electricity, simply fill up the top container with water (from tap, well, river or any other source) and in a few minutes, receive truly clean water in the lower container. The 2 filters last 6000 gallons, which on average for a family of 4 means no need for replacement in 4 years.

Berkey water filtration systems is one of the top performing water filter in the industry. The filtering element in all Berkey water filter systems is cleanable, making the Berkey the longest lasting water filter on the market and giving it the ability to take water from almost any source and produce sparkling pure drinking water. We offer models ranging in size from the Go Berkey Kit to the Crown. The Big Berkey is our most popular model and was the model that started the gravity micro-filtration movement. The Berkey light was developed as a high value lower cost alternative to the stainless steel models. All of our models use the Black Berkey purification element. Different numbers of this element are installed into the various systems and each element added, increases the water flow, giving the adaptable Berkey the ability to serve from 4 to 150 people with a single unit.

Reliable pure water

All Berkey water filters produce purified drinking water. In order to be classified as a water purifier, Berkey has surpassed standards set by the military in order to be able to differentiate between water filters of different abilities. These standards set the bar so high that very few are able to achieve this classification. Berkey water filters not only meet this standard but surpasses it with never before seen results.

Economical for your pocketbook

The water filtration elements inside every Berkey system are cleanable, this allows each Black Berkey element to produce up to 3000 gallons of purified drinking water without the costly need of replacement. That's using the Berkey to produce every drop of drinking and cooking water you would need for 1500 continuous days. Factor in the cost to replace the filters and the cost to enjoy purified drinking water is less than 2 cents per gallon. Compare this to other water filters on the market.

Simple technology, powerful results

The technology that Berkey uses to purify water is able to handle the very smallest of water contaminants, even viruses, making it on of the most powerful water filtering systems available. This ability is all possible using the most simple, foolproof methods, starting with micro-filtration. The pore structure of the Black Berkey filtering element is so small that minute organisms are not physically able to pass through the filtration medium. To make this microscopic structure even more powerful we incorporate the second simple but powerful technology, ionic absorbtion. This method adds an ionic charge that repels many other contaminants that would otherwise pass through the filter including heavy metals and chemicals. These abilities are built into the filters structure, they do not wear out or diminish in ability over time. So all that needs to be done to restore the filter to like new condition, is clean it to remove the contaminants that are trapped on the outermost surface of the element.

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