Stunning Ergo?

The Ergo Baby Carrier has a new beautiful look - one that make you think sophistication, style and fashion! The widely popular Ergo baby carrier has crossed paths with the hip organic Petunia Pickle Bottom and the result is a collaboration that leaves all other carriers in the dust.  This Ergo no longer has the zipper pocket that adds a bit of bulk to the Original Ergo. The gorgeous organic fabric continues from the body of the carrier onto the shoulder straps, so that you can enjoy the pattern from every angle. Little details go a long way. In this carrier the webbing straps match the lining color. Though the pictures show the new prints, it doesn't really do justice to the richness of the colors in real life. My little one is already 5 years old, otherwise I'd get one in a heartbeat because it's a carrier that I'll really enjoy wearing everyday!

Ergo Baby Carrier Organic Heavenly HollandErgo Baby Carrier Organic Peaceful PortofinoErgo Baby Carrier Organic Evening in Innsbruck

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Winner of a Belle Baby Carrier

Congratulations to Jasmine Wong! Our winner for the Belle Baby Carrier Drawing. Though we had a picture of the very popular black Belle carrier, many of our customers like the lighter colors in the spring and summer. So take your pick, Jasmine and let us know which color you want.

Belle is a popular carrier because of it's so lightweight, packs small and straightforward design. Our customers who prefer this carrier tell us that they feel like they are barely wearing anything but the baby in Belle Baby Carrier. The thin waist belt keeps the baby's position and weight on mom's hips without the bulk of many other soft structured carriers. This belt doesn't push down on your pants nor ride up when you walk, making it great for folks with fuller hips.

Come in and try it out for yourself!


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Weekly Give Away - Black Belle Baby Carrier

The sun is starting to get out here in the Golden State of California, and what better way to celebrate with a Belle Baby Carrier giveaway.

This "week's" is a brand new Black - Belle Baby Carrier

Black Belle Baby Carrier

To participate, retweet on twitter @naturalmomgear or like it and us on Facebook


See our weekly giveaway page for more info.

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We've a winner for our Christmas Ergo Giveaway

Merry Christmas to Jeanie Dean! You're the winner of our "weekly" giveaway.


We'll be back with a new enticing giveaway after new years....

Quick info on how we decide on the winner for our giveaways. We use a random number generator to select among the participant....fair & unbaised.

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Weekly Give Away - Ergo Baby Options

It has been long since our last give away. Without further adue, the winner are Mr & Mrs Betita!

This "week's" give away is a brand new Ergo Option Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Options

To participate, retweet on twitter @naturalmomgear or like it and us on Facebook


See our weekly giveaway page for more info.

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Weekly Give Away - Puj Baby Tub

First, thanks for everyone who participated in our last Patapum Carrier give away. It rallied a record participation!

Secondly, we've got questions on how we pick winners. We first list all particpants from both twitter and facebook, and use to find the lucky one. No preference is given to anyone or anything (participating on both twitter and facebook will increase your chances as you're in two places in the list)

Thirdly, the winner of the Patapum carrier is Amanda Gerry! Congrats!!

Fourthly, this "week's" give away is a Puj Baby Tub. This is a such a smart innovation for moms, see the video below. Even if you don't have an infant, participate! It makes an awesome gift. Good luck!


Puj Baby Tub

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Long for Coveted Beco Baby Gemini is here

This is an awesome 4 carriers in 1 innovation from Gabby at Beco Baby. We just got our first shippment in. Limited quantities on hand.


Beco Baby Gemini

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Weekly Give Away - This Week is a Patapum Baby Carrier

Every week we've a free give away. We've been bugged down with an exciting project that we'll be coming with in August. We do appologize if our weekly give aways have tended to become monthly give aways.

This "week's" free give away is a Patapum Baby Carrier, your choice of color and size.

To participate, retweet on twitter or like it on Facebook
Patapum Baby Carrier Toddler


More info here

Open for anyone, anywhere on the planet. 

Last "week's" winner: Congrats Giuseppina Szczepanski!!

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Weekly Give Away - This Week: NoseFrida Snot Sucker

Every week we've a free give away.

This week's free give away is a NoseFrida Snot  Sucker. Makes de-buggering your infant reeeealy easy.

To participate, retweet on twitter or like it on Facebook


More info here

Open for anyone, anywhere on the planet. 

Last week's winner: Congrats Monika Buhler!!

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Blue Ergo Sport Available

Ergo has come out with a new model. Its the sports model in blue.


Ergo Sport Blue

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Weekly Give Away - This Week: Kids Dish Set

Every week we've a free give away. Lately our "weekly" giveaway has been little dormant since we've been super busy moving, but things are settling now. This "week's" free give away is a Lunch Bot Dish Set

Lunchbot Dish Set

To participate, retweet on twitter or like it on Facebook


More info here


Open for anyone, anywhere on the planet.


Last "week's" winner: Congrats Katie Stramer!!

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Sunday Afternoon Kid's Play Hat

Win this week's free give away, a Sunday Afternoon Kid's Play hat, your choice of color and size


Rules here


Open for anyone, anywhere on the planet.

Sunday Afternoon Kids Play Hat

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Summer is almost here! - Natural Sunscreen, this week's free give away

Every sunday we have a free give away. This week is a No-Fragrance Sunscreen made by California Baby

To get the chance to win, simply follow us on twitter and retweet, and/or fan us on facebook and share. See rules here

Last week's winner by random draw: Congratulations Ruba Omeria!

Natural No-Fragrance Sunscreen California Baby  

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Gift Registry

We now have a Gift Registry available for anyone to use! To add an item to your registry, simply go to a product page and hit the "Add To Registry" button and then follow the instructions.

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Eat locally grown eco-foods, not just organic foods

I've been going to my local farmer's market for the bulk of my groceries now for at more than 1 year. Besides feeling good about supporting local farmers, it's fun to try out the food before buying, and then try out new recipies with the latest in-season veggies.

In the beginning I bought what looked good, without asking if it's organic. Farmers that didn't have 'organic' labels often would say that there food was pesticide free. That sounds good enough, right? Well, it's not just pesticides that go into non-organic food, there's the fertilizers that go in to non-organic food. So, little by little I bought more and more organics.

Occasionally I supplement with Trader Joe's or Whole Foods run to supplement my groceries. The organic produce was often from elsewhere, shipped to CA. I always wondered how could I know if it is really organic from Chile or Mexico. Who monitors the practice there? I felt bad that I was paying for, and thus supporting, so much use of petroleum in shipping the organic food to my local store.

Though the news was released a while ago, I recently found out Whole Foods uses 'organic' vegetables from China in many of their own '365 Organic' label frozen foods. Unbelievable!

Newsclip here:

Transcript here:

Follow up, further organic mess-ups here:

It's disappointing to find that you really have to research and read all the fine print, all the time! This food was 'organically grown' in China, but China has different safety and organic certification processes.

So the summary is: Eat locally grown, eco-responsible foods, support local agriculture and if it feels expensive, remember you are buying anti-oxident full, fresh foods and saving on medical bills down the line.

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