When I went into the hospital - Part 5 of 5

People are most comfortable in familiar surroundings, and with familiar people. By going to the hospital at the beginning signs of labor (a mistake often made by first time moms), she puts herself in foreign surroundings with unfamiliar hospital staff. This can slow, stop or even reverse the labor process.

Wow. Think about it.

Now doesn't it become important to go to the hospital at the right time, not necessarily at the first serious contraction?

This was my biggest hurdle. With my first kids (twins) my doctor told me that I couldn't go more than 40 weeks pregnant. This scared me into going in for prolonged induced labor. I was there on Friday, then sent home, then again on Saturday, until finally when one intervention followed the next and I delivered both babies, one vaginal*, and one c-section, early Sunday morning. When I was in labor, I was just laying in the bed, in about the worst position possible for labor. A whole slew of hospital personnel passed through the room in the time I was there. How could I feel comfortable?

So I was determined not to go to the hospital too early this time. With a doula on board, I felt that I could consult her from home and wait until the labor really progressed before going to the hospital. So I labored, and labored. I really had no idea how things were going until my husband said I was three minutes between contraction peaks and I knew they were pretty intense. So we got ready and waited on the porch for my dad who was going to watch the kids when we went to the hospital. During this period, I was distracted and the contractions may have lessened just a bit. But the bumpy car ride hurried things along.

By the time I got to my hospital room and met the midwife who was going to help me deliver the baby, I was just about ready to push. This is cutting it close, but for me it was fine. I was happy to labor at home with the best labor partner ever, my husband.

Fei is the mother of 3 boys: three year old twins and their one year old baby brother.

*Note, the word used is vaginal, not natural, because just about every intervention had been used to get to that point.

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