Health Benefits for Baby

Mom's milk is the perfect combination of nutrients for the newborn. During the first 6 months, breast milk is the only complete source of food for baby. The initial milk, colostrum, provides many antibodies, which support the baby's new immune system. From 6-12 months, solids become part of every meal in addition to breastfeeding. Then from 12-24 months, continued breastfeeding can be a great way for mom to provide comfort and security to a curious toddler discovering the world at a fast changing pace.

Long-term nursing can actually lead to optimal brain development, foster confidence as baby grows to toddlerhood, and continue to offer a valuable source for nutrition. Exclusively breastfeeding for the first six months can help protect against eczema, allergies and asthma. During breastfeeding, antibodies are passed from mother to child, increasing the child's immunity to infection and diseases. The longer the mother breastfeeds, the more likely the baby will reap the health benefits.

Mom's milk is unique. It is sterile and dynamic. Produced on demand, it changes from thirst quenching to hunger satiating in a feeding, while providing specific nutrients to meet the child growth needs. Besides containing essential fatty acids, which is needed for to brain and retinal development, breast milk exposes the baby to a diversity of tastes, depending on the flavors of mom's diet.

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