Mommy-Hood 101

Being a mother is often defined as a role or as a job and women often refer to themselves as the CEO of their household, but in reality being a mother is an art form. How many people do you know that drive three hours of the day, cook two hours of the day, entertain 12 hours of the day and still believe they have achieved or done nothing? Today's at home mom is not accepted as a professional unless she contributes to the household finances, people don't deem her role worthy unless she spends some of her day in a professional atmosphere. The scary thing is that women place these stereotypes on other women. Men in general don't seem to judge their wives on their earning potential; they are simply grateful that their children are looked after, their house is well kept and their wife is happy.

So why is it that women judge and stereotype other women? And why is it that we are so hard on ourselves? Is it because we ourselves think that raising children is not a worthy job? Or that we too judge ourselves based on our earning potential? Why can't we just accept that the role of being a mom is the most important job ever created and the first job ever created. If it wasn't for mothers raising and spending time with their children, there would be far more dysfunctional people in society. We as women need to start giving ourselves a lot more credit, we need to accept that spending time with our children, teaching our children right from wrong, creating a social environment for them, loving them unconditionally and most importantly playing and enjoying our children is enough reward, it's bigger then any pay check, bonus or promotion we could ever receive.

The next time someone asks what you do, or you ponder this question, let them know and remind yourself that you are the owner and operator of a priceless enterprise that is centuries old and has plenty of potential for growth.

Until next time, I am Rehmat Kharal.

Rehmet is the mother of 2 preschool girls. She is expecting her third child in Feb.

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