Preparing for a Natural Birth - Part 1 of 5

The idea for this site was born when I delivered my third child. With the birth of the first two, twins, I went into labor and delivery with the strong idea that I would like a natural birth. Without a lot of preparation, I made many medical decisions in the delivery room and had many interventions.

Well, for my third child, I had an all natural labor and delivery, without any interventions. This is what I really wanted and had prepared for the right way.

It s unfortunate that today's hospital baby delivery is it's own machine. Unless the mom has done her homework and is prepared in advance to guide her labor and delivery, she can be offered many choices for interventions at the last minute that she doesn't really know how to make.

I meet so many young moms that have had c-sections, or other interventions that may not have been necessary. In 2006 the c-section rate in the US was 20.7 percent. How can it be that so many American women, many with good nutrition, good health and good medical access during pregnancy need a major surgery to have a baby?

How did women do it in the last generation?

For myself, when I was pregnant the first time, I just kind of went with the flow and expected to deliver at my plan hospital. Vaguely, I knew that I wanted a 'natural' birth experience as much as possible but I was also open to going with what may 'need' to happen.

Unfortunately having a vague expectation for a natural birth experience in today's system doesn't leave much room for a real natural birth experience. I feel now that one has to go out of the way (at least in the US) to get a minimally medicated, natural experience. After my own experience, I want to share information that an expecting mom doesn't necessarily even think about getting to provide for what she wants.

So with my second delivery, I practiced yoga weekly, kept kayaking a couple times a month (a sport I had been practicing from before pregnancy), and walked A LOT when I was ready for baby to come. I also hired a doula to give me the self-confidence to do what I really wanted to do, and was able to have a really great experience.

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