Why do Prenatal Yoga? - Part 2 of 5

To tone up during pregnancy and prepare for delivery, I did prenatal yoga. I started when I was only 3 months pregnant and noticed that after the sessions, I felt more energetic than usual. The exercises alternated, first stretching then contracting the same muscle group. Combined with breathing patterns, it helped loosen and relax the body adjusting to a growing belly.

I tried to incorporate some simple moves into my everyday, like squatting often to build up pelvic floor muscles, and going on all fours to take the pressure off the back. The upcoming labor and delivery didn't scare me, doing yoga helped me train for it. This was my warm-up for labor. If you think about it, athletes train before a triathlon, football players train before the Superbowl, why wouldn't women train before labor and delivery?

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