VBAC - Part 3 of 5

This was going to be a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) and I had to prepare for it. I marched out of the library with an armful of books to help me discern the facts and build up the mental knowledge on natural births and VBACs. The statistics I got from the VBAC books were convincing. I was young, in good health and without any medical history that precluded an all natural delivery. However, those books didn't really tell me how I was going to do it naturally. Or what I would have to do.

A friend guided me to Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Though this book didn't tell me how I was going to labor naturally and deliver naturally, through many vignettes, it told true stories of many women who did labor naturally and deliver naturally. Each story was unique. Told by the mothers, it gave the essential detail of what helped and what made it do-able. When I eventually went into labor, I mentally consulted the mothers in the book and by relating to their stories, I used their aids to get through my expanding waves of contractions. I really can't thank Ina May Gaskin enough for collecting all those stories and through them telling me what labor was going to be like and how to get through it.

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