Women attending the birth process - Part 4 of 5

While I read up on epidurals, episiotomies, and external fetal monitors, I would exclaim 'Can you believe...?' to my husband, the only person up at my odd hours. After a while, he had more than he liked of this delivery talk.

That's when my doula came in. She is the woman who provides advice, information, and emotional support to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth. She was the well informed friend who was on my side. I could talk as much as I needed to about delivery and get her support as well as gain her knowledge.

For me this was a critical peace. Deep inside, I knew I could do what I wanted to, a V-BAC natural delivery. Having someone I could consult at any moment who had my best interest in mind and knew what my goal was gave me the confidence I needed to labor comfortably at home a good amount before heading for the hospital.

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