Birth Story of Adaira Sky Harmon

As recalled by Holly Wiersma, Doula

Jen woke at 6 AM to a wet bed. At first she thought she'd had an "accident". Then she realized her water might have broken. She went into the bathroom and noted the continued flow of clear fluid. It seemed to confirm her theory. Jen called her doula at 7.

Not wanting to go to the hospital too soon, Jen decided to wait till her doctor's office opened and check in there. Jason went into work to tie up some loose ends. Jen had waffles, milk and a juice bar for breakfast. Then she ran around the house packing her bag for the hospital. She also spent some time curb walking, per her doula's advice, to encourage contractions to kick in.

Jen stalled her doctor visit till 10:30 when Jason could get home to take her. While in the waiting room she began to feel occasional tightening. When she jumped up on the exam table the fluid gushed and her doctor suggested she go right over to the hospital. She had been 3 cm dilated the day before, but her due date wasn't until September 28th.

Another call was made to the doula to discuss choices and consider an action plan. Jen felt like contractions were starting to kick in. Wanting to get labor established, Jen and Jason spent a little more time walking around in front of the hospital before going in.

At 12:15 Jen was admitted to labor room. Within a half hour she was checked in and Jason made another call to the doula. Jen was having regular contractions every 3-4 minutes and breathing well. She thought it was a good time to have her doula come.

Upright positions felt good to Jen. She stood leaning over the counter, onto her brown pillow, rocking. Jason massaged her back and applied some hip squeezes. She had soft music playing in the background. After a bit she began feeling some pressure like she needed to go #2. After some time in the bathroom, Jen came out to find Dr. Hughes wanting to check her progress. She agreed to the check at 1:45. He examined her and then said..."You can push if you want to". Jen was stunned to realize she was already completely dilated!

Jen began pushing following her instincts. She pushed sitting up on the edge of the bed and then tried pushing with the squat bar. But she really wanted to go back to the bathroom. At 2:25, Jen and Jason went back into the bathroom. Jen liked the feel of pushing on the toilet. Her doula asked the nurse to find a commode/ potty chair so Jen could be at the bedside. Jason adjusted the legs of the chair so it was more comfortable to sit in... and Jen pushed!

"It feels like she's coming out!" said Jen at 2:40. She was feeling the beginnings of crowning. Jen hopped back over onto the bed and the nurse checked her progress. The nurse immediately called the doctor to come back to the hospital.

Jen continued her strong pushing with Jason holding and supporting her. Her perineum was a bit tight and after trying massage and more pushing, she agreed to a small snip by the doctor. And then Jen birthed her baby at 3:16 PM on her wedding anniversary! As Adaira Sky Harmon was placed on Jen's chest she greeted her baby saying, "Oh my gosh... oh my gosh". Jen had tears running down her cheeks and she was crying as she said "She's so cute!"

As recalled by Holly Wiersma, Doula

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