by EcoPiggy
"My son loves this ball teether"
by Rusti
What's nice about the ball is that it is a handy car seat toy - it was big enough for my baby to reach out and touch, and engage his attention early on before he'd developed the motor skills to really grip the ring reliably at 3 months old. Once he'd developed the ability to reach, grab and pull things to his mouth, for some reason the ring size on this ball worked better than most of his other ring-shaped teething toys. It's a bit smaller in diameter (a little over 2-3/4"), and so it seemed he was having an easier time gripping it to pull to his mouth - larger diameter rings seemed to be more difficult because he would get frustrated "balancing" the ring between his hands. With the ball teether there were less instances of him missing his mouth and hitting some other part of his face, or twisting it sideways so that it couldn't fit in his mouth. I liked it because it the ring was unfinished wood, and the fabric undyed organic, so seemed the best of teething toys from my perspective. I was a little concerned that the lack of color would make it less interesting, but he seems to like it regardless. I also appreciate that I can detach the ball and machine wash it.

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