by ERGOBaby
"Wonderful product"
by Carolyn
purchased because my son lovres to be held, but at 16 pounds and 8 weeks, it made it quite difficult. I ordered the blue/green color with the moss green original infant insert. I was happy the colors match very well. Quality is great. Carry him for 3 + hours he falls alseep and lets me get things done around the house. The only downfall is I couldn't use the infant insert as shown becuse he is so large, i put him in the fron friggy style with neck supported with insert. Works well until he is able to get legs on either side. i havent tried nursing him in it yet, will wait until he gets better head control. Wirth the money!

"I recommend the Beco Gemini over Ergo"
by Mommy to 9 children
I do love my Ergo but find it a little hard to BF in :( my Beco Gemini is so easy to pull the straps, shift the carrier to the side a bit, and get her on the breast! Have attempt many times with my Ergo with failure. Plus it has the option to make the base smaller for forward facing. It offers everything the Ergo has plus more! I own both carriers but ALWAYS grab for my trusty Beco Gemini!

We are so happy with the ERGO BABY CARRIER! We bought the galaxy grey for our son. I was a little sceptic about ordering at first but I called and spoke with a representative of your store and she was sooo helpful. She put my worry at ease. We received the Ergo baby in 2 business days and we live in Texas. We couldnt believe how fast it got here! Thanks for everything! We will DEFINETLY continue to purchase product through your web site. Thank you!

"Love this carrier!!!"
by Sue H.
I ordered this carrier a few weeks ago in organic cranberry/camel. I love it. My daughter is 6 months old and was getting too heavy for the bjorn and she really likes to be carried (we are pretty active). Well, this thing is amazing. She loves it on the hip and to be put on daddy's back. She actually giggled for most of the neighborhood walk when she was strapped on dad's back. It was awesome. I was worried the cranberry would be too feminine for hubby, it wasn't at is a nice, rich dark cranberry color. Also, even though I bought the organic one, it does still have a little zippered pocket in front. As an added bonus, I think I ordered it on Thursday and it was at my door on Saturday! Great shipping, wonderful product. I can't say enough good things!

"Very Comfortable!!"
by Abhilasha
I am very happy with this product as well as with this site.I have back problem but with Ergo,carrying a baby is a breeze,no back pain,no stretching and the ease of wearing it is awesome,I bought the organic in chocolate and can see the difference in material,organic is much softer,Also bought the baby insert as well as the organic sucking pads,which area great help as my baby keeps on sucking on it!!! GREAT PRODUCT!! WORTH THE MONEY

"Great carrier and great company!"
by Lauren H.
I love my new organic Ergo baby carrier! The organic material was a great choice for us because it's a little softer (great for our small baby)! Fei was so helpful, and like the other reviewers said super fast shipping!! Thank you so much, we will be ordering again from you in the future!

"Unsurpassable customer service w/Organic Ergo carrier"
by Amanda and baby Avery
Fei stands behind her Ergo carriers, ships lightening quick, responds to email and phone calls w/fast dependable communication and has the customers best interests in mind. She is also mother herself and understands our needs! Thanks so much! Highly recommend this website to anyone who appreciates quality products and services! Thank you so much!

"Great Service and Great Ergo"
by Maya
This company is great. They have superb customer service. They treat customers as real people not as numbers. If you call, you don't have to wait for a customer service rep for 10 minutes to answer. ONE ring and the service rep answers the phone. Actually, I think that it was the owner of the company who I talked to. Very nice!! The Ergo is fantastic and my son LOVES it. It's like a disney ride for him;-) Thank you !!!

"Love it!"
by Tracy
I LOVE my new Ergo! I ordered a pink one online, not thinking that my hubby wouldn't enjoy wearing it. Fei quickly switched the order and gave great service. This is the BEST baby carrier out there- tried a Bjorn, mei tai, and a Maya wrap ring sling- this one has them all beat for comfort and ease of use not the mention a pocket to carry keys, etc.

"I love the Ergo! "
by Ellen
I tried on the Pikkolo, Beco, Angelpack, and Patapum before deciding to buy the Ergo. It makes baby wearing extremely comfortable. It gives great back support so that I am able to carry my baby for hours. I am able to do things around the house having my hands free while carrying my baby close to me. I also love the pouch in front. It's very handy to be able to put my keys and wallet in there. The Ergo fits my husband as well. It's very easy and quick to put on. Carrying my baby close to me helps to promote bonding. I love this product and highly recommend it!

"A great shopping experience!"
by JPelham
I spent multiple days searching the web for which site I was going to order my ERGO carrier from. I looked at 30 at least. I chose to order mine from your site for two reason, the free shipping, and the 365 day money back guarantee. I am definitely more comfortable ordering something I have never used from some who believes in and stands behind the products they sell! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

by DoSuk Lee

by lydia & miranda
Fast, Fast delivery, and very happy with the ergo. We should have purchased this sooner!!

by Mary A Stasik
Excellent! This is a super merchant exceeding all expectations. High marks!

"Can't Live Without It"
by Lizzie Ackerly
We use the Ergo daily. Baby is getting heavy quickly, but when I put him on my back, I could carry him all day. He always eventually falls asleep on my back to. this is a great design. Eventhough they don't face forward in the front position, they can see ahead in the hip carry and when they get taller on your back. Thank you so much!

by maureen egan

by Lara Y Heller

by Patty Clarke
I got my ergo and I LOVE IT!! Thanks you so much for your super fast shipping and wonderful service!!

by Joy Zelmanovich

by Alison Babineau

by Kyoung Hwan Kim

by Kim Montgomery-Recht
easy checkout and fast shipping, even with free shipping offer

by Susan McCollum
No problems. It arrived as expected.

by Prashant Srinivasan

by erin bell
Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I look forward doing business with you again!

"Exchanged with friendly assistance"
by Erin
After receiving my organic carrier(very speedy delivery) and realizing there was no front pocket, I wanted to exchange it- Customer service was understanding, helpful and shipped a new carrier right away. Very Happy- Will definitely give them more of my business.

by Cindy Hayes
Excellent customer service. The staff answered questions thoroughly and provided prompt, fast service.

by Michael Box
Prompt delivery of advertised item. No problems.


by Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Excellent experience. Things shipped super-fast, no problems or concerns.

by Cara Kahn
Great, thx

by Kendell
I goofed the order and they fixed it after a single email. Nice job.

by Angela M Howard
Very Smooth Transaction. The item arrived quickly in perfect condition.

by William R Johnson
The staff was great, very responsive. Would do business with them again any time.

by Terry
Just wanted to thank you for your prompt shipment. My daughter received the baby carrier on Saturday, the day of her baby shower. We were not expecting it so soon! Thanks so much!

by Jake Fox
Prompt shipping with a good price and a very good return policy. Everything arrived just fine.

by C. Howard
Good shopping experience. Fast response to email questions. Would shop there again.

by Jill
The store itself was great. They were responsive to my inquiry about delivery of my purchase. I was not pleased that my items were shipped parcel post which took 16 days to arrive.

"I'm also very happy with the seller!"
by Emma
I ordered from far away and I got my product 4 days after I ordered it, this is truly fast service! They also sent me a tracking number so that I could follow the progress of the shipment on USPS webpage. Truly great service!

by Barbara
I'm very happy with the seller and the product. Fast and free shipping. A great product. Very comfortable and much easier to carry my baby in the Ergo (as compared to the baby Bjorn).

It is very comfortable to wear, but if you are a size 14 or over (and many of us are), then the waiste strap wont fit! Very hard to get baby into and out of as well

by First time mommy!
My son loves being carried close to me. It is great for me too, because it makes multi-tasking much easier. I can hold my son while doing my much needed chores and errands and there is no back pain.

by allysanns memaw
we love the ergo & the fact that you can just put ally in it & go ,we love to go shoping & ally love's looking at everything

by cubie kegarise
i love my ergo & so does allysann (my baby)

by Melissa
I love my Ergo and highly recommend them as well.

by Roopa Rao

by Amber D Bigley
The item was shipped out almost immediately. It did take a long time to arrive, but probably more the fault of the USPS than the seller. I did inquire about the order and the seller responded right away....

by Vikentiy
I like the way they doing their business. We'll definitely buy from them in future.

by Shonekan

by Raquel Romano

by Ferreira

by Eric Phillips
I am very happy with the entire experience of buying from this site; handling of order was excellent, shipping faster than I am accustomed to, and communication was unrivalled. The product was as appeared...

by S. Griffin
Superfast delivery of a great product!

by Jen Chomentowski

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