by Curiosa Neways
"..soo good!"
by Victoria glad this product exist! Doesn't rub off or smudge with wear during the day.Will try the eyeliner next...for the moment very happy with my henna pen for brows!.. excellent purchase!

"..worth it!!"
by Victoria
I have been an eyebrow police for as long as I can remember!!Pencils of every color and shape to make the job purrfect! This pen is magnificent..I have had my eyebrows tattooed but the color has faded, and they are not exactly as I want them, so my new pen is great for drawing and filling in where it needs it...nice and crisp color too.I love it!

"Awesome product"
by Jenn
I love this product! I have almost invisible eye brows and lashes, and i love this product for eyebrows! Purchased the light brown, it does dry a bit more reddish in color than i would like, but the product stays even after you wash your face. It fades after washing and i reapply everyday. this is not a permanent dye, but great lasting for day into night. I will be buying the dark brown next for a better eye brow to hair color match.

by Elisabeth van den Bongaard
I searched for a long time for an eyebrow pencil and now I found it. It is the best eyebrow pencil I ever used. It stays on for 24 hours and still my eyebrows looks as if I just put it on. Very very good pencil!

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