by Lunch Bots
"LunchBots ROCK!!!!!"
by Jennifer
I used these daily (bought the 4-pc. set) for lunches for my two children, ages 4 and 9, throughout the 2010-2011 school year. They are amazing--easy to clean (dishwasher friendly), durable (no sign of wear but some paint dings like you get with heavy use of Kleen Kanteens), easy for the children to open and close successfully, great for taking care of their food, and good looking. Every time one of my kids pulls out a lunch in front of someone new, the container becomes a subject of conversation, and they've become very popular at my son's Montessori school over the course of the year! I also really like the Eco for my own "power-salads" at work--it's a good size for an adult lunch. I'm ordering some more this year so we don't have to fight over them! Expensive up front, compared to all the plastic out there ("laptop lunchboxes," etc.), but so worth it, and no worries when they come out with the next plastic scare.

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